When the revolution hits in force …

Our machines will be there, helping power the genomics pipelines to tremendous performance. Performance is an enabling feature. Without it you cannot even begin to hope to perform massive scale analytics. With it, you can dream impossible dreams. This article came out talking about a massive performance analytics pipeline at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio. … Read more

Three years

Its been 3 years to the day since I wrote this. As we’ve been doing before this happened, and after this happened, we are going to a TSO concert on the anniversary of the surgery. Its an affirmation of sorts. I can tell you that 3 years in, it has changed me in some fairly … Read more

Definition of vacation

… appears to be normal working hours from a location that is not your office, home … I am supposed to be on vacation. A short one, as there are simply far too many things on my plate (notice my recent posting frequency?). Instead, I am trying to solve problems for customers, sign NDAs, handle … Read more

When you cross the rubicon

… from hobby and sport, to something more. I’ve traveled 1k miles for karate tournaments (to participate). I have not, as of yet, crossed an international border for one. That changes tomorrow. I went through a promotion test last week with an injured intercostal muscle. This caused all sorts of joy … no really … … Read more