M&A: Seagate snarfs up DotHill

The Register reports this morning, that Seagate has acquired DotHill. DotHill makes arrays and their kit is resold and rebadged by many. In general the array market (high end) is in a decline, and doesn’t show signs of turning around (ever). The low and mid market, including some of the cloud bits is growing. I … Read more

M&A or more correctly, acqui-hire: Cray bags much of Terascala

Terascala appears to have been disassembled, with much of the team going to Cray. Terascala started out selling internally developed storage appliances for Lustre. They developed deployment, monitoring, and management tools. Their UI was reasonably good. Then they struck up a deal with Dell and a few others. In doing so, they largely stopped their … Read more

Potential M&A: Micron being pursued

I was heads down all day yesterday working on a few things. Apparently this is widely known now, but I saw it late last night. Micron is being pursued by a group affiliated with Tsinghua University. There is a political angle to this group, as they are connected to the government through their management. Why … Read more

M&A [RUMOR]: Cisco grabs Nutanix

[update] TL;DR this appears to be rumor/speculation. One would think that such an acquisition would be prominent on Nutanix’s web site. Its April fools, in May. /sigh Huge in the hyperconverged space (which, not so curiously, is where the day job is), and its setting up the battle lines between the major software/hardware players. Cisco … Read more