Systemd and non-desktop scenarios

So we’ve been using Debian 8 as the basis of our SIOS v2 system. Debian has a number of very strong features that make it a fantastic basis for developing a platform … for one, it doesn’t have significant negative baggage/technical debt associated with poor design decisions early on in the development of the system […]

You can’t win

Like that old joke about the patient going to the Doctor for a pain … Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this (does some action which hurts) Doctor: Don’t do it then Imagine if you will, a patient whom, after being told what is wrong, and why it hurts, and what to do about […]

Booth at BioIT World 15 in Boston

Should be fun, we will have booth (#461) on the side near the thoroughfare for the talks. Our HPC on Wall Street booth looked like this: The display on the monitor is from our FastPath Cadence machine, and is part of the performance dashboard, built upon InfluxDB, Grafana, sios-metrics, and influxdbcli. Here is a blown […]

InfluxDB cli ready for people to play with

The code is on github. Installation should be simple sudo make INSTALLPATH=/path/where/you/want/it It will install any needed Perl modules for you. I’ve reduced the dependency set to LWP::UserAgent, Getopt::Lucid, JSON::PP, and some text processing. As much as I like Mojolicious, the UserAgent was 1/10th the speed of LWP for the same work. Once it is […]