Excellent article on mistakes made for infrastructure … cloud jail is about right

Article is here at Firstround capital. This goes to a point I’ve made many many times to customers going the cloud route exclusively rather than the internal infrastructure route or hybrid route. Basically it is that the economics simply don’t work. We’ve used a set of models based upon observed customer use cases, and demonstrated … Read more

I don't agree with everything he wrote about systemd, but he isn't wrong on a fair amount of it

Systemd has taken the linux world by storm. Replacing 20-ish year old init style processing for a more legitimate control plane, and replacing it with a centralized resource to handle this control. There are many things to like within it, such as the granularity of control. But there are any number of things that are … Read more

You can't win

Like that old joke about the patient going to the Doctor for a pain … Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this (does some action which hurts) Doctor: Don’t do it then Imagine if you will, a patient whom, after being told what is wrong, and why it hurts, and what to do about … Read more

Booth at BioIT World 15 in Boston

Should be fun, we will have booth (#461) on the side near the thoroughfare for the talks. Our HPC on Wall Street booth looked like this: The display on the monitor is from our FastPath Cadence machine, and is part of the performance dashboard, built upon InfluxDB, Grafana, sios-metrics, and influxdbcli. Here is a blown … Read more

InfluxDB cli ready for people to play with

The code is on github. Installation should be simple sudo make INSTALLPATH=/path/where/you/want/it It will install any needed Perl modules for you. I’ve reduced the dependency set to LWP::UserAgent, Getopt::Lucid, JSON::PP, and some text processing. As much as I like Mojolicious, the UserAgent was 1/10th the speed of LWP for the same work. Once it is … Read more