Massive unapologetic storage firepower part 4: On the test track with a Forte unit … vaaaaROOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!

I am trying to help people conceptualize the experience. Here is a video depicting very fast, very powerful cars and their sound signatures. This is a good start. Take one of those awesome machines, and turn off half the engine. So it is literally running with 1/2 of its power turned off. Remember this. There … Read more

When infinite resources aren't, and why software assumes they are infinite

We’ve got customers with very large resource machines. And software that sees all those resources and goes “gimme!!!!”. So people run. And then more people use it. And more runs. Until the resources are exhausted. And hilarity (of the bad kind) ensues. These are firedrills. I get an open ticket that “there must be something … Read more

Testing a new @scalableinfo Unison #Ceph appliance node for #hpc #storage

Simple test case, no file system … using raw devices, what can I push out to all 60 drives in 128k chunks. Actually this is part of our burn-in test series, I am looking for failures/performance anomalies. —-total-cpu-usage—- -dsk/total- -net/total- —paging– —system– usr sys idl wai hiq siq| read writ| recv send| in out | … Read more

Video interview: face melting performance in #hpc #nvme #storage @scalableinfo

Oh no … we didn’t say “face melting” … did we? Oh. Yes. We. Did. The interview is here at the always wonderful You can see the video itself here on YouTube, but read Rich’s transcript. I was losing my voice, and he captured all of the interview in text. Take home messages: Insane … Read more

A wonderful read on metrics, profiling, benchmarking

Brendan Gregg’s writings are always interesting and informative. I just saw a link on hacker news to a presentation he gave on “Broken Performance Tools“. It is wonderful, and succinctly explains many thing I’ve talked about here and elsewhere, but it goes far beyond what I’ve grumbled over. One of my favorite points in there … Read more

Cat peeking out of bag: Schedule of presentations and talks in our booth for SC15 is up

I mentioned previously that we have some new (shiny) things … and it looks like you’ll be able to hear about them at my talk. See the schedule for timing information. This said, please note that we have a terrific line up of people giving talks: Fintan Quill from Kx on kdb+ … which is … Read more

sios-metrics core rewritten

This was a long time coming. Something I needed to do, in order to build a far better code capable of using less network, less CPU power, and providing a better overall system. In short, I ripped out the graphite bits and wrote a native interface to InfluxDB. This interface will also be adapted to … Read more

As the benchmark cooks

We are involved in a fairly large benchmark for a potential customer. I won’t go into many specifics, though I should note that lots of our Unison units are involved. Current architecture has 5 storage nodes (6th was temporarily removed to handle a customer issue). Each Unison node has a pair of 56GbE NICs, as … Read more