A wonderful read on metrics, profiling, benchmarking

Brendan Gregg’s writings are always interesting and informative. I just saw a link on hacker news to a presentation he gave on “Broken Performance Tools“. It is wonderful, and succinctly explains many thing I’ve talked about here and elsewhere, but it goes far beyond what I’ve grumbled over. One of my favorite points in there […]

sios-metrics core rewritten

This was a long time coming. Something I needed to do, in order to build a far better code capable of using less network, less CPU power, and providing a better overall system. In short, I ripped out the graphite bits and wrote a native interface to InfluxDB. This interface will also be adapted to […]

As the benchmark cooks

We are involved in a fairly large benchmark for a potential customer. I won’t go into many specifics, though I should note that lots of our Unison units are involved. Current architecture has 5 storage nodes (6th was temporarily removed to handle a customer issue). Each Unison node has a pair of 56GbE NICs, as […]

rebuilding our kernel build system for fun and profit

No, really mostly to clean up an accumulation of technical debt that was really bugging the heck out of me. I like Makefiles and I cannot lie. So I like encoding lots of things in them. But it wound up hardwiring a number of things that shouldn’t have been hardwired. And made the builds brittle. […]

Been there, done that, even have a patent on it

I just saw this about doing a divide and conquer approach to massive scale genomics calculation. While not specific to the code in question, it looked familiar. Yeah, I think I’ve seen something like this before … and wrote the code to do it. It was called SGI GenomeCluster. It was original and innovative at […]