On storage unicorns and their likely survival or implosion

The Register has a great article on storage unicorns. Unicorns are not necessarily mythical creatures in this context, but very high valuation companies that appear to defy “standard” valuation norms, and hold onto their private status longer than those in the past. That is, they aren’t in a rush to IPO or get acquired. Comment […]

Imitation and repetition is a sincere form of flattery

A few years ago, we demonstrated some truly awesome capability in single racks and on single machines. We had one of our units (now at a customer site), specifically the unit that set all those STAC M3 records, showing this: and a rack of our units (now providing high performance cloud service at a customer […]

Booth at BioIT World 15 in Boston

Should be fun, we will have booth (#461) on the side near the thoroughfare for the talks. Our HPC on Wall Street booth looked like this: The display on the monitor is from our FastPath Cadence machine, and is part of the performance dashboard, built upon InfluxDB, Grafana, sios-metrics, and influxdbcli. Here is a blown […]

Interesting Q1 so far for day job

Our Q1 is usually quiet, fairly low key. Not this one. Looks like lots of pent up demand. We are deep into record territory, running 200+% of normal, with possibility of more. Another new wrinkle is that our small investment round is mostly complete. This is new territory for us, and you may have noticed […]

Real measurement is hard

I had hinted at this last week, so I figure I better finish working on this and get it posted already. The previous bit with language choice wakeup was about the cost of Foreign Function Interfaces, and how well they were implemented. For many years I had honestly not looked as closely at Python as […]

When the revolution hits in force …

Our machines will be there, helping power the genomics pipelines to tremendous performance. Performance is an enabling feature. Without it you cannot even begin to hope to perform massive scale analytics. With it, you can dream impossible dreams. This article came out talking about a massive performance analytics pipeline at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio. […]

Inventory reduction @scalableinfo

Its that time of year, when the inventory fairies come out and begin their counting. Math isn’t hard, but the day job would like a faster and easier count this year. So, the day job is working on selling off existing inventory. We have 4 units ready to go out the door to anyone in […]

Systemd, and the future of Linux init processing

An interesting thing happened over the last few months and years. Systemd, a replacement init process for Linux, gained more adherents, and supplanted the older style init.d/rc scripting in use by many distributions. Ubuntu famously abandoned init.d style processing in favor of upstart and others in the past, and has been rolling over to systemd. […]