Typecasting and the “trust us” factor

Finding myself on the other side of the table in the consumer-vendor relationship has resulted in some eye opening experiences. These are things I look back on, and realize that I strenuously avoided doing during my Scalable days. But I see everyone doing it now, as they try to sell me stuff, or convince me […]

More unix command line humor

Waaaay back in grad school in (mumble) late 80s/early 90s (/mumble), I started using Unix in earnest. Back then, my dad shared some funny Unix error messages which were double entendres … often quite entertaining, as the shell was effectively playing the straight man in a comedy duo. Without intentionally doing so (of course). Nowadays, […]

Some updates coming soon

I should have something interesting to talk about over the next two weeks, though a summary of this is Scalable Informatics is undergoing a transformation. The exact form of this transformation is still being determined. In any case, I am no longer at Scalable. Some items of note in recent weeks. 1) M&A: Nimble was […]

Ten years ago this blog was born

This was my first post. On 12-October-2005. I’ve written about many things over the past decade. 2000 plus posts, 200 per year, averages about 4 every 7 days or so. I’ve slowed down a bit in recent months, as work has grown more intense, but there are many thoughts I want to get down. To […]

Three years

Its been 3 years to the day since I wrote this. As we’ve been doing before this happened, and after this happened, we are going to a TSO concert on the anniversary of the surgery. Its an affirmation of sorts. I can tell you that 3 years in, it has changed me in some fairly […]

Brings a smile to my face

My soon to be 15 year old daughter was engrossed with something on her laptop yesterday. Thinking it was fan-fiction, I asked her what she was writing. She knitted her brow for a moment, and looked up. “Its code combat Dad.” she said, quite matter of factly. I must have had a slightly startled expression […]

An article on Detroit that is worth the read

Detroit had filed for bankruptcy protection a while ago. The rationale for this was simple, they simply did not have the cash flow to pay for all their liabilities. They had limited access to debt markets for a number of reasons, and they couldn’t keep cranking up the taxes on residents and businesses in the […]

Definition of vacation

… appears to be normal working hours from a location that is not your office, home … I am supposed to be on vacation. A short one, as there are simply far too many things on my plate (notice my recent posting frequency?). Instead, I am trying to solve problems for customers, sign NDAs, handle […]

I have finally given in to the borg collective

I am now on Facebook. Turns out my family and all my friends are there, so … … how soon before we have to change for the next great social network platform? I’ve got more than one Twitter account (@sijoe and @scalableinfo), a linkedin account, a google+ account (that for the life of me I […]

Another bucket list item

On my vacation in NY recently, I happened to be able to tick off another item on my bucket list. There’s some background to it, but here’s the pics. Viewed 171105 times by 9037 viewers