An article on Detroit that is worth the read

Detroit had filed for bankruptcy protection a while ago. The rationale for this was simple, they simply did not have the cash flow to pay for all their liabilities. They had limited access to debt markets for a number of reasons, and they couldn’t keep cranking up the taxes on residents and businesses in the […]

Part of the reason why Detroit has a long rough road ahead

is due, in significant part, to bad law and bad policy enshrined in law. Ideological view points are hard coded in the firmware of Michigan. Which allows lawsuits and results such as this. It cannot be overemphasized how bone-headed this particular law is. That one can never, under any circumstances, reduce pensioner benefit values. This […]

… and bang goes Detroit …

This brings me no joy. I went to grad school in Detroit. I like this city. It has character, it has guts, it has potential. It also has no cash to continue operations. And that sucks. Detroit filed for chapter 9 bankruptcy a few hours ago. There are many reasons for this, but there are […]

You can’t make this stuff up, 10-June-2013 edition

“We don’t want to tax all businesses out of business,” Obama said. “But we do think that there’s a role to play for government.” Link here. Don’t want to tax ALL businesses … out of business? Just some of them? Are you mad? Are you freaking kidding me? Pulling my leg? Very sad. Very very […]

Do we really have enough native STEM workers in the US?

Yes, actually we do. Too many. Turns out that little law of supply and demand does in fact hold true. The higher the demand for something in limited supply, the higher the price (wages) you will pay for it. By applying forces to this law, you impact a number of outcomes. That is, if you […]

Nails it !!!

Dave Barry in his usual fine form … summarizes our year. The one take away should be … WHAP Did anything good come out of 2012? Maybe. Just maybe. Consider: For years now, Washington has been paralyzed by bitterly partisan gridlock, unable and unwilling to act in the face of a looming, potentially disastrous economic […]

Interesting and depressing article on Michigan’s future

A few prefaces … First, I disagree with the premise throughout this article that our governor is timid. He is, IMO, and in many people’s opinion, doing a great job. Governor Romney is very similar to Governor Snyder in many ways. Timidity really isn’t apparent. I guess that people see someone making a cost-benefit analysis […]