Video interview: face melting performance in #hpc #nvme #storage @scalableinfo

Oh no … we didn’t say “face melting” … did we? Oh. Yes. We. Did. The interview is here at the always wonderful You can see the video itself here on YouTube, but read Rich’s transcript. I was losing my voice, and he captured all of the interview in text. Take home messages: Insane … Read more

Cat peeking out of bag: Schedule of presentations and talks in our booth for SC15 is up

I mentioned previously that we have some new (shiny) things … and it looks like you’ll be able to hear about them at my talk. See the schedule for timing information. This said, please note that we have a terrific line up of people giving talks: Fintan Quill from Kx on kdb+ … which is … Read more

#SC14 day 2: @LuceraHQ tops @scalableinfo hardware … with Scalable Info hardware …

Report XTR141111 was just released by STAC Research for the M3 benchmarks. We are absolutely thrilled, as some of our records were bested by newer versions of our hardware with newer software stack. Congratulations to Lucera, STAC Research for getting the results out, and the good folks at McObject for building the underlying database technology. … Read more

Starting to come around to the idea that swap in any form, is evil

Here’s the basic theory behind swap space. Memory is expensive, disk is cheap. Only use the faster memory for active things, and aggressively swap out the less used things. This provides a virtual address space larger than physical/logical memory. Great, right? No. Heres why. 1) swap makes the assumption that you can always write/read to … Read more

#SC11 T minus 3 days and counting

Ok. Lets call this an absolutely wild ride so far. I mean, its freaking insane. I cannot remember working so hard and so fast.
First off Tiburon, our cluster software package (designed mostly for HPC Storage, and cluster like things) has been an insanely awesome trouper. It just works. And I mean that in a jaw dropping manner. It just freaking works.
Part of it may be due to the simplicity of the thing. I dunno.
New machines. Never set them up in the database. Turned them on. PXE booted. And they were up. I mean, our DeltaV’s, our compute nodes. Just up. Fully loaded. Insanely easy to manage.
And of course, a compute node is not a storage node, so a wee little script executed in the boot process figures out if its a storage node and directs storage nodes to assemble their volumes and export them, while directing compute nodes to do their stuff. Real simple. Works perfectly on pretty much all our units so far.
Yes, it makes setting up storage (and compute) clusters as simple as putting in a new unit, turning it on, and (for the most part) walking away.

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SC'05 wrap up

This took me a while to post in part due to heavy year end load, but also, that I wanted to think through what I did see, and what I didn’t. It is important in many processes to take a moment, step back from where you are, and try to assemble the bigger picture of … Read more

Till we meet again … in Tampa! (not Orlando… Do'h!)

Well, this is the day we had to leave. We saw many things, met many people, had many good conversations. Oddly enough we did not have time to attend talks. I sat in on one BOF. Here is what I observed. IBM is pushing Blue Gene everywhere. In the sessions I did see or hear … Read more

SC'05 sessions

We had wanted to see several of the sessions including the ClawHmmer, and various others. I spent most of my time talking with various vendors and others on the show floor. ClawHmmer is interesting as it is a GPU version of HMMer, and on good GPU hardware, you can get quite a performance boost on … Read more