A new (old) customer for the day job

Our friends at MSU HPCC now are the proud owners of a very fast/high performance Unison Flash storage system, and a ZFS backed high performance Unison storage spinning disk unit. Installed first week of Jan 2017. As MSU is one of my alma mater institutions, I am quite happy about helping them out with this […]

Another itch scratched

So there you are, with many software RAIDs. You’ve been building and rebuilding them. And somewhere along the line, you lost track of which devices were which. So somehow you didn’t clean up the last build right, and you thought you had a hot spare … until you looked at /proc/mdstat … and said … […]

fortran for webapps

Use Fortran for your MVC web app. No, really … Here you are, coding your new density functional theory app, and you want to give it a nice shiny new web framework front end. Config files are so … 80s … Like in grad school, man … You want shiny new MVC action, with the […]

She’s dead Jim

It looks like (if the rumor is true) that Solaris will be pushing up the daisies soon. Note: Solaris != SmartOS This has been a long time coming. Combine this with Fujitsu dumping SPARC for headline projects … yeah … its likely over. FWIW: I like SmartOS. The issue for it are drivers. We tried […]

Inventory reduction event at the day job

We’ve got 3x Unison (https://scalableinformatics.com/unison) and 1x cadence (https://scalableinformatics.com/cadence) system that we need to clear out. The Unison machines are 5-7GB/s each, and the Cadence is 10-20GB/s and 200-600k IOPs (depending upon storage configuration). More info by emailing me. Everything is on a first come, first served basis, feel free to reach out if you’d […]

Watching a low level attack in process

I won’t say where, but it is fascinating watching what is being tried. I won’t divulge details of any sort (asymmetric information works to my advantage here). Viewed 62380 times by 4831 viewers

On expectations

This has happened multiple times over the last few months. Just variations on the theme as it were, so I’ll talk about the theme. The day job builds some of the fastest systems for storage and analytics in market. We pride ourselves on being able to make things go very … very fast. If its […]