Setup day batch 1

The first batch of setup day photos are up from SC’05. I am on the show floor looking about, talking with people thanks to the Cluster Monkies, and Linux Magazine. Looks to be an interesting show. Please be gentle on my picture taking skills, I am still getting used to this camera. Yes, I did … Read more

Conference: T -2 days and counting

I am here at the Sun HPCC meeting, as they had asked us for a talk on Opteron performance on single and dual core processors for life and chemical science applications. At this talk we gave a peek at our recent HMMer and NCBI BLAST performance among other things. For HMMer, we believe we currently … Read more

Blogging SC05

Please look for us at SC05. I’ll be there with a camera and we have a nice site ready to display photos. Some changes from last year. Orion is not in ascendance. Ammasso is out of the game. The buzz is all around FPGAs (just wait until someone tries to port “hello world” .c to … Read more

Venture capital and high performance computing

Its a very big HPC world. According to IDC and others, its a $7B+/year world, growing at a nice healthy clip, 10-20% CAGR, again, depending upon which market research report you read. Seems like a hot market… right? Well … sort of. The largest growth (>15% CAGR) is in the 10-25k$US region (small computing engines), … Read more