Updated nyble to support ubuntu 20.04 LTS and debian 10

For those who don’t know what nyble is … you can read an old post here. The short version is that it gives you an always reproducible bootable ramdisk (or stateful if you need) image (installation for stateful folk). You avoid worrying about configuration drift, as you roll a new image in ~10-20 minutes, and … Read more

There are no silver bullets

In the world in which we reside, a pandemic slowly burns. This pandemic has confounded front line medical practitioners, public health organizations. It has exposed a number of troubling relationships amongst governments and organizations. It has resulted in numerous pronoucements of “X may work” from medically and scientifically illiterate political leaders. The problem is, fundamentally, … Read more

Topical #HPC project at the $dayjob

(caution: I get personal at the end of this, you can see my motivation for working on this) I can’t talk in depth about it though, yet. I can talk in broad brush strokes for now. Imagine for a moment, that you have a combination of available high performance supercomputers, an urgent problem to be … Read more

In the face of disruptive events

As of the day this post is being written, a virus has been spreading globally. Details of the virus (SARS-CoV-2) and it’s spread (nCoV-19) are being discussed across the globe. There is much in the way of fear, and fear-inspired reactions. Visit any airport, and note the number of people wearing what amounts to ineffectual … Read more

Whats coming in #HPC

I am planning on getting back to a more regular cadence of writing. I enjoy it, and hopefully, I don’t annoy (all) readers. A brief retrospective on what has been over the last decade first. First, having experienced this first hand, its important to talk about the use pattern shifts. In 2010, cloud for HPC … Read more

Updated io-bm and results from system I was working on

For those who aren’t aware, I had written (a long, long time ago) a simple IO benchmark test, when I had been displeased with the (at the time) standard tools. Since then fio has come out and been quite useful, though somewhat orthogonal to what I wanted to use. The new results are at the … Read more

On the importance of saying “no”

Often times, when we are working on a project with a well defined set of milestones, we’ll be asked to add something to the list of tasks. These asks may be simple and quick, or long and time consuming. One thing each ask does, is increase the scoping of the milestone, increase the risk surface, … Read more

Updated net-tools with fixes and license change

Its been a while, I know. My apologies. Ok, first off, I’ve been very busy at the $dayjob. More in a later post. But I’ve been doing some code fix up for a number of my tools, specifically the net-tools collection. This one had nagged me a long time. Ok, here it is in a … Read more

Apologies for the long delay in posting

I have to be quite careful to not discuss $dayjob stuff here. Which, as that consumes a large chunk of my daytime (a bit more than 8h/day), leaves me with precious little time for me. But I enjoy this position, and the company. It is nice to be part of an organization that values (deep) … Read more