OT: things taken for granted, and relearned

Sleep is the great rejuvinator. When you get good sleep, you feel generally much better when you wake up. Your body does repair functions, your brain works out (some issues). And occasionally you dream.
Going without sleep ages people, makes them less productive as they are more tired during the day. It limits the repair functionality. It hinders the “work through problems”. It prevents dreams.
Pulling all-nighters is one instance of doing without sleep. This is a voluntary effort.
But what if your efforts were non-voluntary? What if your lack of restful sleep was prolonged for, I dunno, 20+ years.
I have a severe case of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). I’ve had it for a while … my wife diagnosed it perfectly, some years ago, after reading the symptoms and comparing to her observations. I didn’t believe her.
Word to the wise. Listen to the boss lady.
I’ve not been getting good sleep for a while. Years … no … decades. I used to attribute it to one of my other oh-so-enjoyable maladies. In this particular instance, one is awakened to the nasty sensation of your vocal cords and esophagus burning, choking and inability to breath a highly acidic slurry … Yeah, that, kidney stones, and Gout are all things I have that I really don’t wish on anyone.

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Wondering out loud here … bear with me

After the last post on Atrato, I am thinking that VC money might be better invested in proven real businesses. Those that have survived a number of years, though hardship and through growth. There is less risk there.
Ok, the VC model is fundamentally built upon taking a risk on a company. As the spate of failures in (many) markets shows, rewards are far and few between, while risks aren’t seemingly ameliorated by what the VCs do. Georges van Hoegaerden, founder of The Venture Company, has blogged extensively on this.
I highly recommend the linked post. There are some real jewels in there:

Defunct innovation arbitrage
Technology does not create markets, it facilitates marketplaces. Technology is merely a distribution mechanism and a piece of the puzzle that enables the electronic facilitation of (in most cases already) existing macro-economic behavior. So, the reason why Venture Capitalists cannot generate significant returns is because their investment thesis centers around the development of technology, and fewer innovations rely solely on technology to become successful.

Yes … technological success does not guarantee business success. Investing in technology and seeing the technology meet specific goals doesn’t guarantee that the technology will make money for business.
One might think, yes, but technological success is a pre-requisite to business success. You can’t have a successful business without a technology that works.
Makes sense, right?
Too bad its wrong.

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Saying "no"

Sometimes the sales process delves into the ridiculous. This is when the value proposition has failed, and the customer starts asking for bill of materials. Imagine if you will, apart from the ingredients listed on a package of food, you asked the vendor of said food to describe the exact amounts, the source of each … Read moreSaying "no"