M&A: Dell grabs Compellent

I had an inkling that this might come to be. Compellent makes filer heads that connect to storage arrays on the back end. Units are thin provisioned with lots of tiering and migration bits built in. Compellent isn’t an HPC play. Really they are more an enterprise-y type of play. I do know a few […]

Added some bandwidth to main site

We just updated our company internet connection. About 3.5x better download speed, about 6x better upload speed. Its on a multi-wan router, with second different technology path being slower and less expensive, but with a 5 second cutover. Something bad happens to one path, the other takes over. This happens seamlessly, most users won’t notice […]

Docs wiki back up

That was annoying. The update/upgrade path effectively wrote over the old configs without telling me. Snapshot script is up, and we will set up for weekly snapshots, and then deletion of the same after 12 weeks. Did I mention that this was annoying? On another note, we’ve had requests to refine/update the documentation, and we […]

rethinking the documentation wiki underpinnings

We updated the documentation server last week, and the wiki software, updated by the folks who write it, broke. I’ll try a few more things to fix it tomorrow/friday, but at some point I have to question my choice of wiki software. If the open source version breaks like this with a simple yum update, […]

back from my Texas trek and assorted bits

Was in Dallas, College Station, and then Austin. I am starting to get concerned that hosting providers may not have the capability to work on machines beyond the level of popping out failed disks and replacing them. They appear to not be able to provide the level of service that our customer assured us that […]

Where we’ve been and where we are going

Last year around this time, I wrote a long set of posts on HPC in the first decade of the millenium. Posts start here (there are 7). I am gathering some of my thoughts together for an article. Its been an interesting year, with changes coming in both continuous and discontinuous (creative destructive) manners. We […]

Are expectations being set properly?

This past week, I looked over a set of proposals from some academic groups. One of these proposals was attempting to budget for a particular design. What I noticed here was a tendency to do something … well … that badly misstates actual real costs of things, and substitutes them with something easy to find […]

dust shaping up nicely

Hooking in some execution management bits. Most everything else is working. I could skip the fancy execution management, and just fork, but I want to be able to do a better job of logging and capturing output/signals. More to the point, with the bits I’ve got in place now, dust should be able to do […]