@HPCpodcast talking about Linux wars

I joined Shahin Khan of OrionX and Doug Black of InsideHPC to talk about the kerfuffle around Red Hat/IBM's decision to close off access to sources (behind a paywall with additional distributi.on restrictions), and what this could mean to the ecosystem.

It was a great conversation, Shahin and Doug are terrific hosts, and generally HPCpodcast is one of a small number I pay attention to on a regular basis.  Highly recommend this.

One minor correction though, my consulting domain is Nlytiq with a q at the end, not a c.  It does look like the one with the c is now available for purchase.

Feel free to leave commentary here, at OrionX or InsideHPC.  Or on the apple podcast site, or spotify ratings.  I couldn't access spotify from my linux laptop (all of my laptops are linux laptops) as it says it wasn't compatible as a player, though with a little finagling, I bet I could fix up the user agent to masquerade as a windows machine.  

(rant mode on) In this day and age, this is still an issue on some sites.  A shrinking minority of sites, but some sites. (rant mode off)

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