My first #SciFi publication

See , in the kindle store. After getting a third rejection of this story, despite very positive reviews from my local writers group, and a writers conference I attended last year, I figured I didn't really need to sell the story to a publication. I know, this won't count toward membership in the Science Fiction Writers of America, as you have to publish in one of their approved venues.

That noted, I am happy I was able to get it out before 2025. Which is the hundred year anniversary of the Nome Serum run. The basis for the Iditarod race. And a homegrown tale of heroism and bravery par excellence. One that is not very well known throughout the US.

I have many other stories I am working on, some longer than others. Working on a longer work on my favorite star, Eta Carinae. Another about a different memorial day. And several others.

I am looking forward to sending those out for consideration relatively soon. Though I might just self publish others, as it was fairly painless.

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