A cluster system from Microsoft

I had a conversation recently with two nice people from Microsoft about their (now released) WCC product. One of the people, Patrick wrote a comment (for some reason wordpress is editing it, so go to this URL: http://scalability.org/?p=59#comment-40 ) here that is worth looking at.

I have been skeptical of the WCC product in that I didn’t understand what Microsoft’s vision was for this (no guffaws here), and thought that I might be misinterpreting what I didn’t hear. That is speculating.

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An interesting view SGI with some misconceptions

In this post, the author indicates that SGI committed suicide, or at least attempted it twice. Their rationale was that the NT porting bit was the first phase, and that the Itanium choice was the second. Further they posit that there is no value left in the company.
I disagree with the first and third points. SGI acquired Cray during the time when we were busy taking away their business. This was IMO, one of the first fatal mistakes. To correct some misconceptions/misperceptions, the O2k (Origin) was called many things internally, including the

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Update on blog changes

First we have updated WordPress. Took a while but it was worth it. Second we are getting far more spam than usual, so I have disabled pingback/trackback. I am sorry about this, please email me if this causes you problems. Update: We re-enabled pingback/trackback and implemented some anti-spam technology. Lets see if it works.

Our Scalable HMMer paper

Is available if you would like some good reading from IEEE. For those who don’t know, we reworked the p7Viterbi function in the HMMer code, and created a faster version of HMMer in the process. Our measurements put it anywhere from 1.6-2.5x faster than the downloadable binaries from Professor Eddy’s site. Since HMMer is GPLed, … Read moreOur Scalable HMMer paper