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Test drive of the 6/06 Solaris 10 part 1, installation

My experience with the 1/06 Solaris 10 was, well, less than good. I came away with the impression of a system that is very hard to install, one might say extraordinarily hard to install, with few supported systems. Video didn’t work, networking required going to an unsupported freeware site, pulling down a binary driver, and doing something akin to insmod in linux.

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A cluster system from Microsoft

I had a conversation recently with two nice people from Microsoft about their (now released) WCC product. One of the people, Patrick wrote a comment (for some reason wordpress is editing it, so go to this URL: http://scalability.org/?p=59#comment-40 ) here that is worth looking at.

I have been skeptical of the WCC product in that I didn’t understand what Microsoft’s vision was for this (no guffaws here), and thought that I might be misinterpreting what I didn’t hear. That is speculating.

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