Slightly more complexity than I had thought, or RTFM!

So I’m playing with Julia in my off time to get more proficient with it. Doing some “simple” things in preparation for the work I want to do. One of the things I like to play with are environments linear algebra capabilities. This was one of my favorite areas as an undergraduate (cringe) years ago, … Read more

displayport KVMs for sharing monitors and keyboards

I’ve got a pair of Samsung 28 inch 4k monitors that I use for my daily environment. I have 3 (actually 4) machines to share them between, 2(3) linux boxen and 1 Mac laptop. In my original design, pre-KVM switch, I had one monitor dedicated to the Mac, and one switched with the annoying little … Read more

Joining @cray_inc to help drive #HPC solutions in the #cloud

Quick post … I’m excited to note that I’ll be joining Cray, the preeminent HPC company, to help develop solutions for HPC customers to consume supercomputing resources in the cloud. I start the week of the 22-April. More soon, but I gotta say, I’m quite excited about this!

Paint splatters as Perl programs?

So I saw this , and yes, it is quite funny. There’s a discussion of this at HackerNews, which seems to follow a number of conventional pathways. Most of them missing the obvious implied humor.

Onward and upward in #HPC

A short note – today was my last day with Joyent. They are a wonderful company, building great things. Excellent technology, and technologists. I wish them nothing but success. For the immediate future, I’ll be working on consulting projects, as well as looking for the next great opportunity within high performance computing, storage, cloud. I’m … Read more

Note to self: have only one blog VM running

Yeah … this was a fun one. Because I only recently started using a holistic VM management/control plane for my home machines, I didn’t notice that I had 2 VMs of the blog running. I was doing some surgery to fix something, then tailed the logs … and didn’t see the traffic. Took me a … Read more

Data loss, thanks to buggy driver or hardware

So this happened on the 3rd, on one of my systems Feb 3 03:02:39 calculon kernel: [195271.041118] INFO: task kworker/20:2:757 blocked for more than 120 seconds. Feb 3 03:02:39 calculon kernel: [195271.048116] Not tainted 4.20.6.nlytiq #1 Feb 3 03:02:39 calculon kernel: [195271.052678] “echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/hung_task_timeout_secs” disables this message. Feb 3 03:02:39 calculon kernel: [195271.060626] … Read more