multi->many core

For a while now, privately, and publically, I have been suggesting to the good folks at AMD that they ought to build an 8 core chip, literally by gluing two quad Barcelona’s to a die and connecting them with Hypertransport. The point I have been making is that Intel is going to do something like this, really soon, and if they wish to compete, they ought to get to market first with their version. Such a chip has value across quite a few areas.

I have been told that no one is going to come out with an 8 core unit.


Intel has shown its 6 core units (or at least slide-ware), to Sun. Their next gen is 8 core.

Well, whether or not AMD listens to me (I suspect they won’t), 6 and 8 core units are coming.

Just not from AMD it seems. See below, AMD did announce it. I missed it. My bad, not AMDs.

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