Unwelcome surprises

There I am, working on an RFP response. Figuring our partner needs this in word format, the laptop is booted into windows xp.

Word 2003 is up. Several hours worth of work. Saved often.

Oh, you already know where this is going?

Yeah. Its going there.

Crash goes word. Starts complaining it can’t read the disk. Never mind that it appears to be able to read the disk just fine in another window. Loses the file.

The one I spent several hours on.

The one I have been saving frequently.


That one.

Looking in the directory, it is gone.

No trace.

dir is so helpful (not).

Reboot into windows again.

Nope, still gone.

RFP is due tomorrow.

Gee, thanks Microsoft. I appreciate that I have another 4 hours of work to replicate.

I really didn’t need sleep. Nah. Sleep is for the weak.

Get pissed, boot into Linux.

Look in the directory. There is a little file there named ~wrl1854.tmp

Wow, that was the name it said it had to delete. Ok, make 2 copies of it. Open one of them.

There is all my work.

Gee, thanks Microsoft. I really enjoyed this mild tachycardia session. No, really. I enjoy having my pulse in mid triple digits, hyperventilating, and watching my BP soar past 200/100. Yeah. Its fun.

Staying in Linux, OpenOffice 2.4 is handling this fine.


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