Did Ubuntu jump the shark in 9.10? Yeah … they did.

List of things they changed is long. Some major ones … some … I dunno … bad ideas mebbe? like Grub2? Like incompatibilities with various motherboards (struggling with this right now on a home machine rebuild). Like unchangable login windows, and crappy icons for power, mail, volume, unchangable options in gnome … the xorg config debacle.

I could go on. The big one is the nVidia issue. Install restricted drivers. Sure. No problem. Then reboot and … No display. Its gone. Kaput.

This release is better called “our way or the highway”.

Well, its not hard to figure out what to do next (as he watches FC12 hit the 11% download mark). Gonna re-look at Debian as well. Ubuntu 8.04 was pretty good. 8.10 started disappointing, 9.04 was a significant disappointment, and 9.10 was a mistake.

This is ridiculous. Can’t anyone put together a half decent desktop Linux distribution, and not go off into directions they really shouldn’t? Not looking for a distro war … just blown away by how bad this stuff is.

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