I am slowly coming to the realization …

that basic systems management and configuration are neither well known nor well understood, by the vast majority of people. Even the ones with certifications who should know this stuff.

This is leading me to rethink some of the basic elements of the out-of-box experience. Part of this is driven by the tendency of certain distributions to remap, effectively randomly, their network port assignments. This is never, under any circumstances, a good thing.

Unfortunately, this happens. All you need is a quick yum, and whammo … eth0 is now eth3 and vice versa. Let me re-iterate. There is no conceivable universe where this is a good thing. It stresses people unboxing units and updating software far beyond their limits, and wastes time for installations.

Its time to really step up with our config tools. SMASH is coming along nicely, so we will probably start shipping it soon with the systems. This should alleviate … oh … 99% of problems with configuration.

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