Physics humor for a Friday morning …

From xkcd

Heh …

If you don’t know what a complex conjugate is, read this. Basically, if I have a function Ψ(x) which has a “real” part ψr(x) and an imaginary part ψi(x), with the ψ’s being real valued functions, so Ψ(x) = ψr(x) +ii(x)), then multiplying Ψ(x) by its complex conjugate (Ψ*(x) = ψr(x) – ii(x) , where i =√(-1) ) yields:

r(x) + ii(x)) * (ψr(x) – ii(x))

which (using basic algebra’s FOIL method)

ψr2(x) + ψi2(x)

Which is real valued, as the ψ’s are real valued.

This is the basis for the ‘joke’. And its funny … really …

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