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Just got an email from a vendor of workplace notices that reads

Private-sector employers (including labor organizations) whose workplaces fall under the National Labor Relations Act will be required to post the employee rights notice where other workplace notices are typically posted.

The poster will notify employees of their rights under the NLRA such as:

* the right to form a union,
* bargain collectively,
* discuss terms and conditions of employment with coworkers, and
* the right to strike.

Failure to post would be treated as an unfair labor practice.

I won’t use the exact verbiage I think is appropriate for this.

So we’ve got an economy that’s struggling (well, we can euphemistically call it struggling), we have small businesses looking with great unease at future cost obligations due to new rules and regulations (one of which has been ruled unconstitutional, but the administration is pushing ahead on it anyway) … and the current administration is seeking to make sure that my companies employees know that they can organize, that I have to tell them this, and that its unfair if I don’t.

Really? I mean, seriously, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Is anyone in Washington DC paying any sort of attention? Why not do something real damn smart, and allow me to apply the full amount of my federal tax obligation for the year 2011 to hiring at least 2 new people (we expect a large tax bill this year). Why not? I think those two people I’d hire would do a profoundly better job of spending the money and generating economic activity than the US government. It is the sanest, most cost effective mechanism of job creation I could imagine. It has the benefit of forcing the government to spend less money, and take less out of the hands of those whom create jobs.

Seriously … WTF?

We have some serious economic and structural problems in this country, and this is most definitely not on the solution side to these problems. In fact, its demonstrably the exact opposite of what we need to do.

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