Every now and then …

Иконописwe give a quote to someone, they see a part number, find a vendor who is selling this at some enhanced discount for any number of reasons, and then ask us to match it. I am guessing that they don’t realize we actually compare our costs to various measures, and make sure our pricing is not out of whack (sometimes our suppliers just can’t seem to give us the same deals they give others, go figure). So we look at the pricing, see that it is a sale of some sort, see that the offer is below our cost and kindly decline. Seems to happen more often than not with one particular OEM (whom shall remain nameless).

I often get emails from posts like this, where another vendor (and quite a few read this blog … go figure) shares their similar experience. I bet I don’t even need to say any more, and 10’s of heads will be nodding vigorously in agreement, and even naming said OEM. I bet most of them know whom I am talking about. Please don’t guess and name them in the comments.

A rule of OEM thumb is you don’t piss off your re-sellers. If you do this enough, they stop being your re-sellers. You help them all, treat em fairly, and don’t play favorites. That is, unless you want them to stop being re-sellers.

Oh, and BTW, we’ve actually signed like 3 more (re-sellers) this month … A major goal for us is to drive lots of business through them. And these lessons that I am learning by watching others succeed, or in this case, #fail, I will try to apply. If our re-sellers are successful, we will be too. Remarkable concept.

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