A question a customer asked relative to Lustre and the Whamcloud acquisition

Whats to become of Chroma (from Whamcloud)?

I know its early, and I am sure that there won’t be answers just yet. Intel acquired Cilk, and its now available (and being integrated into gcc!) Intel acquired many others, and their bits are available.

I’d expect Chroma to be made into an offering from Intel, along the lines of their cluster suite. Fully integrated stack.

I know some folks are nervous about the acquisition. Intel as an acquirer seems to do good things with the acquisitions and teams though. So I am generally less worried than if they were acquired by Oracle or HP or …

Honestly, I think Intel is working on something akin to vertically integrated stacks. That is, they are likely to get more competition in chips from ARM going forward. So if they own lots of stack, they can work that stack in their favor. I don’t expect to see ARM based Lustre clusters. I do expect to see ARM based scale-out computing. Such computing could consume parallel file systems.

As I said before, I think it makes sense as an acquisition.

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