What would you do if you had “infinite” bandwidth and IOPs coupled directly to your computing?

Imagine you have some … I dunno … gargantuan amount of bandwidth available, to and from your disks. And you have just positively insane IOP rates, at these very high bandwidths. And then you tightly couple a few hundred processor cores, and a few terabytes of memory.

What would you consider “gargantuan” bandwidth? What would you consider “insane” IOP rates?

And most importantly, if you had the type of IO fire power you considered gargantuan and insane, what would you do with this? Would this be a game changer for you (assuming you’ve succeeded in turning your computational bounded problems into IO problems following the sage wisdom of Seymour Cray)?

I’d love to hear what your scales are. I’ve heard many peoples’ scales to date in private conversation, but we’d love to hear what you consider “big”, “really big”, and “oh my gosh its coming this way” type of big.

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