Google GMail is broken, not passing emails, losing others

Yeah, the headline says it all.

The reason I rolled to GMail (and am paying for it for each user and then some) for the corporate services was, well, they promised to make running email easy, painless, and I wouldn’t have to worry about email management any more.

Now I have to worry about pissed off customers whom are angry at me for not responding, even though I see the outbound emails in my sent folder, and from our ticketing system.

Right now the most reliable mail server I have access to is the one that runs internally at the office. The other one is the mail server here. And the ticketing mail server. GMail is a distant fourth.

It loses mail. People will send me things, and I won’t get them. Not in my spam, not anywhere. They are gone. Pro-tip: deliver everything, and place spam in spam folder, and what you perceive to be unadulterated crap in the unadulterated crap folder. Viruses to the Viruses folder.

It loses mail I send. I find the same issues with the corporate email that I do with my personal, unpaid GMail service.

I’ll be opening a nice support ticket if they let me.


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